Saturday, 23 May 2015

time out please!!

Hey friends, before we proceed ahead, I want to have little discussion with you guys.

Some of you may have landed up here searching for quick question and answers to prepare for their job interviews. 
If you are one of those 'some of the people', then you are part of  my correct intended audience.

OK, now let me put some bits and pieces for you, don't worry I will put them in place as we proceed further and together they will make sense. 

Lets see what may be your wants from your new job. You would want to earn more, you would  want to work in a better environment and would likely want good quality work,

Friends Lets talk about Princely treatment, perks, good environment and money.
'There are no free Lunches'. Money making is not an easy job. You may feel someone making money easily but believe me its not as easy as it looks. Big organisations are not for charity, they want to get returns when they put investment in you.

Now lets talk about good quality work, Until unless you like coding you will always feel yourself caught in a 'Wrong Job', working as a software professional. No piece of software would seam to you as a good work until you have 'coding' as one of your HOBBY.

My dear pals, you need to SPEND TIME DOING CODING. There are no shortcuts to success, Mugging up the definitions, UML notations, algorithms, design patterns, won't take you much distance. 

If you feel, suffocated while coding, please rethink why and for what are you preparing for. You need to give a serious rethink to your career options.

But if you enjoy coding, if you search good practices in coding and are eager to apply in your work then friends , WELCOME, this is your world. Cheers!! and now lets proceed ahead.

All the best